How are startups using Digital Marketing to strengthen their businesses?

How are startups using Digital Marketing to strengthen their businesses?

The digital revolution took over the world not so long ago and now every developing country has a network of internet providers, cheap smartphones, and an easy Wi-Fi access. Having this rate of technology flow, the digital era has reached its peak and now is the time to take the businesses towards digital and social networking.

The benefit that startups have as compared to the already established businesses is the awareness of the new world and ways to market products using digital media. Having the edge, new startups are using a well-planned digital marketing strategy from the beginning to make their business earn a name among their desired target audience.

The kind if attention that any new business aims to acquire can be gained by communicating the messages via digital media and investing efforts in digital marketing. Digital marketing has various domains depending on how the business is planning to target audience and what are the preferable platforms for that purpose.

Social Media Marketing

Using the popular social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. for marketing purposes can be summed up as social media marketing. A startup these days, if not entirely based on the practice, gives social networks a huge role to boost up their name and image. Social media marketing is much more cost effective than the traditional marketing (billboards, television, radio etc.) other than cutting short the price, the social media marketing hits the right target audience and gains greater goals than the customary marketing practices. A business can locate the right social media platform with its target audience and spend a little to achieve the desired targets quickly.

Moreover, the audience you get on social media is loyal and works voluntarily as your marketing team spreading out the word to friends and co-workers. A quick acknowledgment of the audience is easy with the right marketing strategies and creative content.

Content Marketing

Fresh and unique content is what everyone needs right now. Something informative, something catchy and something the reader really wants to know. New startups are using the content, not directly related to promotions, but telling people of the importance of what they do.

The strategy drives more audience to your website and gets more loyal followers if the provided content is unique and of good purpose.

Email Marketing

Following up the digital media strategies along with working on the SEO of their websites, startups these days are creating hype in the market and even being new to the market they are taking over the old businesses by creativity and trust of people.
The availability of digital gadgets is so common these days and everyone has their emails configured in their phones and tablets. Pinching the audience via emails is a practice which makes the people think of your offer and keep it in mind. Email marketing is not always about selling, but raising awareness and telling what you deliver free of charge. Such promotions make the clients want to look up your services and know what you do.


Furthermore, some startups are using digital media to first check the audience response of their business idea before actually investing in it. By the testing phase on digital media businesses get a hint on what their potential audience is interested in and whether the business can achieve the set targets. Doing so saves a lot and minimizes the risk of failure as the feedback and responses of audience are pre-tested via which the profits can be calculated.

On the contrary, the already established setups are following their usual marketing procedures which can cost much and still can’t overthrow the results gained by digital media marketing. It is the need of the era that to be at pace with the changing trends and enterprises should locate their potential audience platforms and use the marketing tools effectively to make an impact and compete with the new businesses.



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